Open Information Environment for Knowledge-Based Collaborative Processes throughout the Lifecycle of a Building



EU integrated project
6th Framework Programme


Welcome to InPro

InPro - Open Information Environment for Knowledge-based Collaborative Processes throughout the Lifecycle of a Building - was an industry-led collaborative research project aiming at the early design phase of a building. It was part-funded by the European Commission under framework program 6. The project started 1 September 2006 and ended 30 November 2010. Twenty partners were involved, representing eight countries across Europe.

What is InPro? - An introduction to the project web


The main objective of InPro was to “develop and establish a model-based and collaborative way of working in the early design phase, considering the whole life-cycle of a building.”

Business concepts and processes that provide incentives for model-based working and open collaboration between all stakeholders (Business pull)
Smart, fully semantic ICT enabling an exchange, sharing and reuse of information throughout the building lifecycle (Technology push)
Support actions for direct implementation in the European construction sector (Industrial transformation)


The InPro Open Information Environment with the BIM collaboration hub as the key part
Solutions and tools to support emerging business concepts, such as Partnering, Private Finance Initiative (PFI)/Public Private Partnership (PPP), and performance-based contracting
Industrial and academic training courses
5 demonstrations
Smart decision support through the "SMART decision making framework"
Design from a lifecycle perspective
Contributions to ICF standardisation

Project Executive Summary - The Final Activity Report, written at the end of the project
Strategy for Implementation - A description of how companies can introduce the model-based way of working

Further Information

You can find further information and project results at this web site.
Publications and media exposure can be found under publications.
Project participants and how they can help you is to be found under contact.
During the project, training material was developed. Some of the partners can now offer courses to interested parties. You can find more information about this under training.