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During the project several reports and papers have been written. On this page you can find the public material. Several project reports (deliverables) have restricted access. They are only available for the project participants and the cluster members. To access these, you need a password. Most of the restricted reports also have a public version (which can be found below).

Restricted deliverables (password required)

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Project Reports

DReportMore infoDate
1Requirements for an Open ICT Platform Abstract June 2007
2Analysis of Existing Software Tools for Early Design Abstract July 2007
4Comparative Analysis of Best Practice Abstract September 2007
5Use Cases Abstract December 2007
6Open Standards for Interoperability between Applications in Early Design Abstract March 2008
9Business Concepts - state of the art
Business Concepts - InPro Business Concepts
Abstract January 2010
10A Smart Decision Making Framework for Building Information Models Abstract January 2010
11Communication Strategies Abstract January 2010
14Capturing Stakeholder Values, State-of-the-art Study (D14A)
Capturing Stakeholder Values, Proof of Concept (D14B1)
Capturing Stakeholder Values; Stakeholder Values, Stakeholder Preferences and Requirements for the Life Cycle Design Process (D14B2)
Abstract May 2009
15Overview of early design applications Abstract November 2009
16Collaboration processes; A State of the Art
Collaboration processes; Framework for Collaboration
Abstract January 2010
17The InPro Lifecycle Design Framework for Buildings Abstract January 2010
18Overview of Information Management Applications, Including Object-Based Version Management Abstract January 2010
19InPro Building Information Model Abstract January 2010
20Open Web-based ICT Platform Abstract January 2010
21Technical Assessment of InPro Open Information Environment Platform Abstract September 2010
22InPro training environment Abstract October 2009
25Report on the Gender Action Plan PUBLIC November 2010
26Report on Raising Participation and Awareness Restricted November 2010
27Application integration for key applications Abstract December 2010
28Open Information Environment (OIE)
Note on Open Information Environment
Abstract December 2010
29Barriers and missing functionalities – Recommendations for future ICT requirements Abstract December 2010
30Performance evaluation of the InPro key processes: TRL analysis of demonstrations Abstract December 2010
31Summary report of action in cooperation with the ECTP Abstract December 2010
32Demonstration Bouygues
Abstract December 2010
33Demonstration Max Bögl
December 2010
34Demonstration Hochtief
December 2010
35Demonstration YIT
December 2010
36Demonstration NCC
December 2010
37InPro industrial training packages Abstract December 2010
38InPro Student Education Material Abstract December 2010
42InPro Public Web Site PUBLIC November 2010
43InPro Cluster PUBLIC December 2010
44Dissemination report Abstract December 2010
45Contribution to standardization Abstract December 2010
46Process maps for Key Process 1: Integration of architecture design and building services design Abstract December 2010
47Process maps for Key Process 2: Approval workflow Abstract December 2010
48Process maps for Key Process 3: Energy analysis Abstract December 2010
49Process maps for Key Process 4: Construction scheduling Abstract December 2010
50Process maps for Key Process 5: Model reference definition Abstract December 2010
51Process maps for Key Process 6: Client requirements management Abstract December 2010
52Process maps for Key Process 7: Cost management Abstract December 2010
Demonstrations - presentations from the Public Demo Day, 7 Sep 2010Key Process
Session I Introduction
Demo Bouygues: Coordination and Approval Workflow
Session II Demo Max Bögl: Integrate Architecture and Building Services Design
Demo NCC: Energy Analysis and Client Requirements
Session III Demo Hochtief: Network-based Scheduling
Demo Hochtief: Facility Management
Session IV Demo YIT: Cost Management
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Scientific Papers

2010 Requirements Transformation in Construction Design Gustav Jansson, Jutta Schade, Thomas Olofsson, Luleå; Väino Tarandi, Eurostep
2010 Concurrent Design Applications in Construction, Offshore Industry and Engineering Education Martin Fijneman, Arne Matthyssen, J-CDS
2010 Use of Standards for filling the gaps towards integrated BIM based ways of working – The InPro example Bruno Fies, CSTB; Pierre Benning, Claude Dumoulin, Bouygues; Patrick Houbaux, Eurostep
2009 Modelling in Civil Engineering and Architecture Heiko Kirschke, Mohamed Nour
2009 IFC Support for model based scheduling, Discussion paper Matthias Weise, Thomas Liebich, Jan Tulke, Peter Bonsma
2009 IFC Support for model based scheduling Matthias Weise, Thomas Liebich, Jan Tulke, Peter Bonsma
2009 BIM Application for Integrated Design and Engineering in Small-Scale Housing Development: A Pilot Project in the Netherlands Rizal Sebastian, Willem Haak, Eric Vos
2009 Changing Roles of Architects, Engineers and Builders through BIM Application in Healthcare Building Projects in the Netherlands Rizal Sebastian
2009 Life Cycle Costing for Buildings: Theory and Suitability for Addressing Uncertainties about Timber Housing Erika Levander, Jutta Schade, Lars Stehn
2009 Discussion Paper - IFC Support for Model-based Scheduling M Weise, T Liebich, J Tulke, P Bonsma
2008 An Evaluation Model for ICT Investments in Construction Projects Stefan Dehlin, Thomas Olofsson
2008 A Dynamic Framework for Construction Scheduling based on BIM using IFC, shorter version Jan Tulke, Mohamed Nour, Karl Beucke
2008 A Graphical User Interface for handling IFC Partial Model Exchange Mohamed Nour
2008 An Open Platform for Processing IFC ModelVersions Mohamed Nour, Karl Beucke
2008 Integrating Use Case Definitions for IFC Developments Mathias Weise, Thomas Liebich, Jeffrey Wix
2008 Decomposition of BIM objects for scheduling and 4D simulation Jan Tulke, Mohamed Nour, Karl Beucke
2007 4D Construction Sequence Planning – New Process and Data Model Jan Tulke, Jochen Hanff
2007 Lifecycle Cost Calculation Models for Buildings Jutta Schade
2007 Manipulating IFC sub-models in Collaborative Teamwork Environments Mohamed Nour
2007 InPro - integrated project within the 6th Framework Programme Johann Jaeger
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Other Media Exposure

2009 Public Service Review, issue 18 (see pp. 468-469)
You need to register to access this publication. For more information, see
2009-10-12PLM forum (in Swedish)
2008-08-04 Teknikforum (in Swedish)
2007-05 Bygga Framtid (in Swedish)
2007-03 TNO Magazine (in Dutch)
2007-02-12 Aachener Zeitung (in German)
2007-01-04 Cobouw (in Dutch)
2006-10-29 Byggindustrin (in Swedish)
2006-10 Vbyggaren (in Swedish)
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